Qualification and Certification

ATG Group implements requirements of the Customer to its product delivery in order to help him to be competitive on the market. Personnel qualification of Customer‘s employees is an important part of this task that requires specific assessment.

We share our professional skills

We share our professional skills with all trainees. The theoretical part of the training runs in classrooms, the practical education is provided in our completely equipped labs or in the process. Our lecturers are skilled specialists with long-time experience from projects realized all over the world. Each of our clients obtains the certificate to verify his/her training graduation.

Why you should be trained?

Due to a continual tendency to rise efficiency and productivity, the demand on personnel qualification is also increasing. Company, which needs to build a good position on the market, needs also continual.

Certification process

Operators prove their eligibility by personal certificates. Personal certificate is the result of the certification process, which verifies compliance with all certification requirements, which are:

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